Planet technology

Planet Technology USA launches new products for April 2021

Planet Technology United States (PLANET), a division of Versa Technology, which provides cost-effective last mile PoE network solutions, announces the release of its WGS-5225-8MT Managed industrial wall switch L2 + 8 ports 10/100 / 1000T M12. The WGS-5225-8MT Managed Switch offers eight 10/100 / 1000BASE-T M12 ports and is housed in an IP40 enclosure with […]

Planet technology

“Nihao Mars”: Chinese rover Zhurong lands on the red planet

Published on May 15, 2021 08:08 The mission “landed successfully in the pre-selected area,” state broadcaster CCTV said. BEIJING (AFP) – China’s Mars probe touched down on the Red Planet on Saturday morning to deploy its Zhurong rover, state media reported, a triumph for Beijing’s increasingly daring space ambitions and a historic feat for a […]

Planet education

Top 10 Courses That Can Help You Protect the Planet

Population growth, global warming and the current global health crisis are causing collateral damage to our environment and accelerating the negative effects of climate change. From harnessing common resources that lead to environmental damage, it is essential to raise awareness, empower young people and educate enthusiasts to unify people for a better Earth. As social […]