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from Omaha in talks to write ‘Captain Planet’ movie | Arts, cinema and television

He and Powell became friends a few years ago after meeting at a party.

“We actually had the same taste for movies and the same tone,” Matt said. “I saw he was a talented guy. The story (‘Captain Planet’) makes it seem like we’re an overnight success, but it definitely took a decade.

Between them, Matt and Powell wrote over 10 scripts, a few of them together. You have to have a lot of irons in the fire when you’re a screenwriter, Matt said.

“It’s a tough racket,” he said. “There are more NFL athletes than paid screenwriters.”

Matt, a graduate of Mount Michael High School, has always wanted to write movies. He wrote his first screenplay, for “Home Alone 3”, at the age of 9.

“Then they made ‘Home Alone 3’,” he said. “It broke my heart.”

Cathy Matt – Jono’s mother, who still lives in Omaha – said she remembers her son writing screenplays when he barely knew how to write.

“I have a whole cupboard full of notebooks full of films he wrote,” she said.

In the last few weeks, she’s been pulling out the old scripts, re-reading them. There is probably nothing in these pages that he would want to present to a producer, but they are proof of a kid who understood his career at the age of 9.

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