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Leonardo DiCaprio’s “Captain Planet” Movie To Focus On Earth’s Grim Fate

Planets, unite! The 1990s environmental cartoon “Captain Planet and the Planeteers” could be revamped into a film produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions and movie studio Paramount are in talks for the rights to the cartoon series, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

DiCaprio has long been an outspoken environmentalist. His climate change documentary “Before The Flood,” which screened at President Barack Obama’s South By South Lawn Festival, centered on the plight of humanity if climate change is left unchecked. Captain Planet may offer a more optimistic view of the planet’s future, as the cartoon’s environmental hero was “Earth’s greatest champion.” [The Reality of Climate Change: 10 Myths Busted]

In the original series, the green-haired environmental superhero worked with a group of five teenagers to tackle environmental ailments. Each adolescent represented a different power (earth, fire, wind, water and heart) and a different continent, and to summon Captain Planet, the so-called Planets would activate their powers. The film would take place years after the events of the cartoon, focusing on a stranded Captain Planet who now needs the help of the children he previously recruited on his environmental mission.

The cartoon had previously been presented as a film by Sony Pictures, but the studio did not produce the film until its claim to the rights to the cartoon was lifted, reported The Hollywood Reporter.

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