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Lost Planet film confirmed •

During a press conference at E3 today, Capcom confirmed the upcoming Lost Planet movie mentioned by screenwriter David Hayter during last week’s Anime Expo.

Hayter – the voice of Solid Snake, who wrote the X-Men movies and as an upcoming adaptation of the classic Watchmen graphic novel – will write the screenplay. The film will be produced by Arad Productions, the new company created by former Marvel Comics boss Avi Arad. Warner owns the worldwide distribution rights.

“This game has all the makings of a great movie, from a reluctant hero to betrayal,” Arad said. “The games are now more story driven, they have main characters and villains, they have love stories and they have hope. Lost Planet is very imaginative about an issue that is very close to us. heart, energy. ”

“And it starts with an amazing name – Lost Planet sounds like an instant classic. We feel like we’ve heard it before,” Arad said. He explained that the spectacular views of a frozen world drew him to the film as well.

Arad – who has designed the blockbuster movie adaptations of Marvel Comics in recent years, including Spider-Man and X-Men – has said they plan to release the film in 2011. He claimed he was This was an “aggressive” schedule for such a big project. .

Hayter – who speaks Japanese and can therefore deal directly with the creators of the game at Capcom – said: “This game makes a very real statement in terms of where we are in the world, what if the energy reserves are low. ” He explained that he was a big fan of John Carpenter’s The Thing and that Lost Planet “gave me the opportunity to dive into a world like this but 1000 times bigger”.

Keiji Inafune, head of R&D at Capcom and creator of the game, revealed that Lost Planet was made with a film adaptation from the start.

“The main thing we wanted to do with the game was make a game that would become a Hollywood movie,” he said. “We wanted to create the exciting elements that would make a good movie, so we had huge views on the ice planet, we had a love story and a story that also had a plot.

“And we also had something that hasn’t been seen in a lot of Hollywood movies, something the Japanese are very good at, and that’s giant robots.” Hear hear.

Capcom chairman Haruhiro Tsujimoto has said that film adaptations will be an integral part of Capcom’s global strategy for making games going forward, and has joined a series of mutual slaps. “We also hope to work with Avi and his team to turn other Capcom properties into films in the future,” he said.

No one said they wouldn’t hire Uwe Boll as manager, but we can probably take it for granted.

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