Planet education

Top 10 Courses That Can Help You Protect the Planet

Population growth, global warming and the current global health crisis are causing collateral damage to our environment and accelerating the negative effects of climate change. From harnessing common resources that lead to environmental damage, it is essential to raise awareness, empower young people and educate enthusiasts to unify people for a better Earth. As social […]

Planet technology

Toyota announces large-scale technology research unit Woven Planet

TOKYO – Toyota Motor Corp unveiled his Woven Planet Research Group at a virtual media event on Friday, promising to provide the world’s “safest mobility” as competition intensifies to develop autonomous and connected driving autos. In the online presentation, dubbed “The Genesis,” Woven Planet executives provided some guidance on specific pipeline functionality, but said a […]

Planet technology

The Planet Group announces the launch of Planet Technology and Planet Professional

The Planet Group We have seen a huge and sustained need for talent in the tech and professional sectors and the creation of these new entities will allow us to grow both organically and by acquisition to further expand these important areas of our business. CHICAGO (PRWEB) January 05, 2021 The Planet Group (“Planet”), a […]

Planet company

French NGOs fight media company’s trademark on the word “planet”

Can a business own the word planet? Powerful French entertainment company Canal Plus has registered the term in France, but environmental groups are opposed, saying they should be allowed to use the word “planet” to promote their plans to save it. Several files are being examined by the INPI, the French regulator of intellectual property, […]

Planet movie

The Dead Planet movie homage variant makes Mary Marvel the star of Shazam!

The Ben Oliver film tribute variant cover for DCeased: Dead Planet # 6 reinvents the 2019 Shazam poster! film starring Mary Marvel. The late writer Tom Taylor shared the cover of artist Ben Oliver’s film tribute variant for the sixth and penultimate issue of Deceased: Dead planet – which reinvents the poster for the DC […]

Planet movie

Tarantino gangster-planet movie could tie reboot and Prime canon

Since 2009, there have been two Star Trek worlds: the Prime timeline which encompasses the majority of the franchise, and the Kelvin timeline which covers all three “reboot” films from director JJ Abrams. At present, the division between these parallel realities seems quite clear. When Spock and Pike came back for Discovery In season 2, […]

Planet education

Using technology to save the planet

Sustainability is a hot topic in the education sector. Above all, people and institutions are looking to save money and achieve increasingly pressing green goals. This year we’re likely going to see an increase in mobile technology and virtual reality start to impact things like food choices. Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) carbon footprint software […]