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Tarantino gangster-planet movie could tie reboot and Prime canon

Since 2009, there have been two Star Trek worlds: the Prime timeline which encompasses the majority of the franchise, and the Kelvin timeline which covers all three “reboot” films from director JJ Abrams. At present, the division between these parallel realities seems quite clear. When Spock and Pike came back for Discovery In season 2, […]

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Using technology to save the planet

Sustainability is a hot topic in the education sector. Above all, people and institutions are looking to save money and achieve increasingly pressing green goals. This year we’re likely going to see an increase in mobile technology and virtual reality start to impact things like food choices. Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS) carbon footprint software […]

Planet movie

CAPTAIN PLANET movie will be fun, subversive, dark and irreverent, says screenwriter Glen Powell

The big screen adaptation of Captain Planet will be based on a screenplay by actor Glen Powell (Scream queens, Implement, Hidden numbers, the next Top Gun following). The screenwriter recently met Hollywood journalist to give a preview of the film. Captain Planet and the Planeteers was an American environmentalist animated television show that aired on […]

Planet movie

Glen Powell writes “dark and irreverent” Captain Planet movie

I had completely forgotten that Glen powell wrote a Captain Planet movie. We first wrote about this news about two years ago, after Powell’s starring role in Richard Linklater’s varsity baseball comedy. Everyone wants some !! but long before he got Internet boyfriend status with his role in Netflix’s romantic comedy Implement and landed a […]

Planet movie

Glen Powell on writing ‘Captain Planet’ movie adaptation – The Hollywood Reporter

Glen Powell has a moment. The actor who made his breakthrough on Fox’s Scream queens Rides a wave of film success after starring in Netflix’s beloved romantic comedy Implement, featured in Mike Newell’s Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and land a role in the highly anticipated Top Gun following. With a host of […]

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The 45-year-old startup: how Lonely Planet’s technology evolved for a changing world

Lonely Planet is a 45-year-old startup. In 1973, we took a simple idea and adopted a content platform: providing information to travelers was the goal and books were the best medium. It was state of the art at the time – and early experimentation and adoption has defined the company since then. In this article, […]