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With Hollywood powers combined, ‘Captain Planet’ movie to hit theaters

Fans of 1990s television will be delighted to hear that Ted Turner’s creation Captain Planet and the Planeteers may soon go from the small, non-high definition screens of your memories to a big screen near you.

Cartoon Network has signed an agreement with Transformers producer Don Murphy and his company Angry Fireworks to create a live-action version of the environmentalist cartoon, according to the hollywood reporter. The original show ended in 1992, and the follow-up series The New Adventures of Captain Planet ended in 1996, which means audiences around the world have spent 15 long years without the mullet superhero protecting our planet from pollution and man-made environmental problems.

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Meanwhile, we’ve seen great superheroes come and go from our theaters, and others that have definitely ruined our childhood models. Which one will it be? With a Transformers pedigree, we could be in a melodramatic and explosive treatment, but that would fundamentally go against the spirit of the original cartoon.

For the uninitiated (and those who can’t watch the video above), Captain Planet was created by Mother Earth in response to humanity’s contempt and destruction of nature. Despite this singular purpose, the muscular, flying and magical hero cannot spend all his time saving the earth. Instead, he spends much of his day in Purgatory of Heroes, awaiting the joint summons of five teenagers from around the world who possess Magic Rings. These teenagers, from North America, Africa, China, Eastern Europe and the Amazon, each possess the powers of one of the four classic elements (earth, wind, water and fire). or the power of the “heart” (which allows for brain-to-brain telepathy, strangely enough).

What made the original cartoon so beloved was its awful vulgarity, which was evident even to children: the good captain had an endless arsenal of powers that easily ended every conflict, but he always insisted on prolonging each battle against anthropomorphic representations of the main issues by mocking needlessly with horrific puns. It remains to be seen, however, whether this tone can be (or even should be) accurately reproduced in a live action feature film. But if the movie is made, NewsFeed is hoping that one of the main villains is Duke Nukem – the only villain who has ever given the Captain a run for his money.

“Captain Planet’s messages are even more relevant today,” said Stuart Snyder, president of Animation, Young Adult and Children’s Media at Turner Broadcasting System Inc. hollywood reporter. “We believe this team can bring the world’s first eco-hero to life in a powerful film that is not only relevant but entertaining.”

It was reported by Hollywood today in 2007, Turner was in talks to create a Captain Planet movie, but those claims had been largely denied until Wednesday’s announcement.

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